Culture is at the core of what makes each organisation unique.  It is a fundamental driver of success, and often the greatest barrier to innovation and change.

We work in close partnership with leading experts in organisational culture at the University of Cambridge to create the right mix of diagnostics and assessment, awareness building, learning and action planning to help you define and create the culture you need to deliver your current as well as future strategy.  


Culture Building Events

100-2000 participants

Conferences or away-days provide an excellent forum for tapping into the collective creativity in your organisation or for giving large numbers of people a shared learning or culture-building experience.

Working closely with event teams and internal sponsors, Treehouse Innovation can help you use your next big event to:

  • Generate a wealth of valuable new ideas
  • Lay the groundwork for a shared culture of innovation
  • Accomplish more in less time through creative, expert facilitation

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Crowd Innovation Sprints

Tap into the insights and ideas of your people by the hundreds or even thousands.  Using customised audience response technology on iPads & iTouch devices, participants generate solutions that are ranked and refined by the crowed of their peers.

Timing can be as little as three hours and up to a full day for running the process. We manage the logistics for you, and often enlist the help of your people to assist in the facilitation. 

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“The Treehouse team helped us see new, creative possibilities and think differently about the business”

Jim Ryan, CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

ExperienceInnovation™ Conference Edition

Create a common language for innovation across your business

The Edison Award winning ExperienceInnovation™ simulation workshop is now available in a conference edition. ExperienceInnovation™ Conference allows you to introduce the tools, techniques and language of Design Thinking to groups of up to 250 people, and brings an interactive high-energy, playfully competitive dimension to your event.  

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Need help creating your culture of innovation?

We can help you assess the culture you have versus the culture you need,  and pinpoint the tangible actions that can be taken to drive real culture change.

Our custom culture work is delivered through:

  • Culture diagnostic tools
  • Leadership Development
  • Accelerated Design Workshops
  • Coaching & advisory services

Consulting engagements range from several days to multiple months.  Get in touch today to discuss the culture you want to create.  

Cases: Driving innovation culture at scale

We have helped all kinds of organisations create unforgettable group experiences and while embedding the behaviours and mindsets that underpin the culture.  Just a few examples of our work include:

Professional Services
As part of the Global Partner’s Conference for a major law firm, we worked with event sponsors to design and run a crowd innovation sprint that engaged 1500 Partners in generating and prioritising innovative ideas that would create real value for the firm.

Computer Entertainment 
Working closely with the head of HR and their internal events team, we helped the top 100 leaders of the world’s leading computer entertainment company to apply design thinking to some if their most important strategic challenges.

Our team helped 150 leaders within the UK Department of Health to systematically explore strategic options for responding to structural and regulatory changes that would require buy-in from diverse stakeholders.