As much as we love our clients, we are not the kind of consultants who set up camp in their offices.

Instead, we temporarily combine our team with yours, work with you to achieve your goal - leaving behind the tools and know-how to help your people tackle their next big challenge.

A strong belief in the power of human-centred design to produce better outcomes for business and society is at the heart or our approach.  As veteran design thinkers, we take the experience accumulated applying design thinking in the field to deliver practical, extremely effective solutions for our clients through experiential learning programs and innovation projects.  We also use a set of innovation assessment tools to help our clients focus their development efforts.

We are big believers in the power of learning by doing – a fact that is reflected in the methods and overall approach we use when working with our clients. 

Accelerated Design Workshops - Not your average day out of the office

Imagine bringing 20-50 people from across your business together for 1-3 days in a collaborative environment with all of the most relevant data, a clearly defined objective and the right process and facilitation support to enable them to achieve it. Whether we're working to collaboratively design a new product or service, navigate a complex change, or assess and refresh organisational culture, our approach enables groups to accomplish in days would typically take months of traditional working - achieving superior results with far greater 'buy-in' to the solution.   

Setting up for Success

  • Strategic customer, market and ethnographic research
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Precise outcome definition
  • Collaborative planning and sponsorship

During the Session

  • Expert facilitation & support team
  • Technology-enabled knowledge sharing & synthesis
  • Rapid iteration & feedback loops
  • Synchronised, parallel work streams
  • Knowledge capture & documentation
  • Graphic visualisation
  • On-demand research & specialist insight
  • Purpose-built mobile environment


  • Ideas and rapid prototypes
  • Experimentation 
  • Action plans with milestones and accountability
  • Detailed documentation
  • Post-session communication


Graphic recording and visualisation

A creative way to bring key messages to life. Create compelling, visual murals that capture the key messages from your event. 

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Innovation Field Projects 

Sometimes even the most experienced teams can use a helping hand, new tools and some fresh thinking when tackling an important innovation challenge.

Our team can work side-by-side with yours through each step of an innovation project. From conducting interviews and ethnographic research, sourcing expert insight, identifying hidden opportunities, generating ideas, as well as creating and testing prototypes with key stakeholders. 

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