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Outcome-Specific Sprints Targeted Sprints to achieve specific outcomes

Outcome-Specific Sprints

Human-centred design can be applied to a vast array of complex business and societal challenges. Our outcome-specific sprints leverage the fundamentals of design in a way that is especially tailored to make the greatest impact in a given industry or for a specific type of challenge.

The sprint approach is tailored by incorporating:

  • Subject matter experts
  • Domain-specific research in advance
  • Tools and methods used tailored to the content and objectives
  • Bespoke sprint timelines, candace and facilitation approach
  • Stakeholder selection and onboarding approach
Design Thinking Circular Economy Sprints

Circular Economy Sprint

Professionals such as consultants, lawyers, architects and others, all know that being able to see beyond what clients are ‘asking for’ and identify higher order needs and strategic goals is central to creating sustainable business value and enduring relationships.

In this half- full day workshop, participants are introduced to the fundamentals of design using a simulated case-based challenge focussed on professional services. During the training, they learn a practical tool-set for uncovering deeper client needs, facilitating client co-creation, and seeking out new, innovative solutions as opposed to resorting to the status-quo or historical approaches.

This training is suitable for professionals of all levels in fields including, but not limited to: Legal Services, Strategy Consulting, Accounting, Financial Advisory, Engineering, IT Consulting, Architecture and others.

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Design Thinking Culture Creation Sprint

Culture Creation Sprint

Bring together the relevant stakeholders in our organization to understand your current culture, define the change you want to see, and develop innovative approaches that will help you drive it.

Focus on dialogue, inclusion, and testing of prototype strategies with the people affected most in order to increase chances of acceptance.

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Design Thinking D&I Strategy Sprint

D&I Strategy Sprint

By creating an environment that recognizes the strategic value diversity and inclusion, organizations have the power to tap into the full potential of their people and safeguard their future success.

Engage your organization in a focused, human-centred design driven effort to understand D&I from the perspective of your people, identify the gaps, and design the right interventions and approach for tracking their impact.

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Design Thinking Business Model Innovation Sprint

Business Model Innovation Sprint

The increased pace of technological and market change have intensified the need to revisit old assumptions and pivot to new ways of creating value.

This sprint enables senior teams to stress test existing business models as well as develop innovative new ones that address changing customer needs and new tech/market possibilities.

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