Action Learning Projects Solve a problem and build capability

Action Learning Projects Program overview

Working virtually, teams tackle a real strategic business problem and emerge with valuable prototype solutions and lasting remote innovation experience. Participants are introduced to the essential process, tools and mindsets of design thinking through direct application within a full design cycle.

  • People will practise:
    • User empathy and insight formation
    • Opportunity framing
    • Brainstorming & lateral thinking methods
    • Digital and physical rapid prototyping
    • Remote creative collaboration

As these methods are practiced in the field, not just in a workshop, new habits are more quickly formed with new skills more easily integrated in day to day work.

What to expect

An intensive learning-by-doing experience that enables people to simultaneously learn new skills and immediately apply them to a solving a real challenge. Participants will likely be required to collaborate across functions, as well as look outside of their organization for input and inspiration.

Programme Outcomes

Over the course of the Problem Solver Programme, your people will:

  • Develop innovative solutions to a real business challenge
  • Build the confidence to tackle future problems effectively with remote teams
  • Connect more closely with customers
  • Identify new market and cost-saving opportunities
  • Apply new ways of working to everyday challenges
  • Effectively link design thinking with agile and lean startup
  • Bring the key mindsets of human-centred design into your organizational culture

Who is this for?

Private programme for single organizations. Participants can be intact teams or learning cohorts drawn from across functions.


No previous design experience required.


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