Skill builders - deep dive workshops Short, focused workshops to build design thinking mastery

Skill builders - deep dive workshops Program overview

Design Thinking Master Classes are a series of half-day workshops created to deepen design thinking knowledge where teams need it most.

Typically 3-4 hours in duration, our Design Thinking Master Classes allow groups of up to 30 participants to gain valuable hands-on experience with specific elements of the methodology.

What to expect

Treehouse Design Thinking Skill Builder programmes are an opportunity to develop real expertise in the areas that you may have only touched on in other courses. Training sessions are fast-paced, with a 1:2 ratio of teaching to guided application.

Programme Outcomes

Participants will leave with greater skill and confidence to apply design thinking tools and methods on the job. Specifically, they will be better able to:

User observation and empathy

  • Apply a range of ethnographic research methods to gain valuable insights
  • Identify unmet or unconscious user needs
  • More effectively question and listen with empathy and purpose

Opportunity and challenge framing

  • Use customer insights to frame specific opportunity spaces for innovation
  • Define strategic challenges for optimal outcomes
  • Use the “How Might We” process to reframe strategic challenge

Ideation and lateral thinking

  • Effectively break the predictable trains of thought that hamper innovation
  • Generate more novel, creative, and exciting ideas with confidence
  • See previously obscured possibilities and opportunities

Prototyping, experimentation and iteration

  • Create effective, rough and ready prototypes for products, services and strategies
  • Design quick, low-risk, low-cost experiments to test critical elements of early stage ideas
  • Incorporate learning into progressively higher-fidelity prototypes using a variety of media


  • In-Person: 4 hours live facilitation

Who is this for?

Design practitioners, relative newcomers, anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge around specific methods


Basic design thinking awareness and understanding


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