We are a centre of excellence focused on innovation and design for the legal sector. We help law firms use design thinking to get closer to their clients, drive new growth, and build more agile and change-ready cultures.

Why Design for law?

The legal profession has never faced greater challenges. Keeping up with increasing client demands, ever-changing market conditions, new technologies, and regulatory frameworks is no simple task. Clients want more innovative pricing and delivery models. They also want legal teams to help them find fresh ways to tackle strategic problems.

To stay competitive in this market, firms need to embrace new ways of working - both internally and with their clients. That’s why we’re working with legal teams around the world to help them learn and apply design thinking.

What we’re writing about:

Design thinking for the legal profession

Why law firms need design thinking now more than ever

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Design thinking for the legal profession

Why lawyers make great designers. No, really.

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Design thinking for the legal profession

Slaughter and May - The Lens: Design thinking - listen to your user... but not too much!

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Jana Blount

"I loved that when we met the Treehouse team, you used design thinking to try and understand our challenge. You live the approach and methodology. It meant that when I walked away, I knew that you got it and that you’d work with me to make it happen."

— Jana Blount, Change Maker, DLA Piper

Design thinking?

Used by some of the world’s most forward thinking companies, including Apple, Google and Procter & Gamble, design thinking enables you to deeply understand what your clients care about, so that you can develop innovations they will want. It's a fast-paced, highly collaborative approach, that involves a range of analytical and creative approaches (including storytelling, visualisation, business modelling, rapid prototyping and structured experimentation) to come up with new, innovative solutions that will better meet your clients' needs.


McKinsey & Company research shows that “Design-led organizations realize 10% more revenue than ones that aren’t.”


The Design Management Institute found that design-driven organisations outperform the S&P 500 by a whopping 228%.

Design thinking for the legal profession

Design Thinking is now being applied by innovative law firms globally to help them:

Differentiate in the marketplace by engaging with clients in new, more innovative ways
Create competitive advantage by anticipating emerging client needs
Develop innovative and disruptive new service delivery and pricing models, and growth strategies
Increase organisational agility and responsiveness to change
Approach day-to-day challenges more creatively to increase client satisfaction and matter profitability
Improve collaboration across practices and locations
Boost employee engagement and fulfilment with a more creative working environment

How we can
help you

We’ve helped law firms around the world drive growth by integrating design thinking into their day to day practices. We help our legal services clients with:

Design thinking for the legal profession

Legal design thinking training

Equip your people with an innovative toolkit to further differentiate your legal offering, identify new client problems arising from transformational change, and help clients bring even greater value to their business.
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Design thinking for the legal profession

Client co-creation workshops

Partner with us to host engaging collaborative workshop experiences where you work alongside key clients to tackle the challenges that matter most to them.
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Design thinking for the legal profession


Integrate the process, tools and mindsets of design thinking across the firm to make client empathy, creativity, cross-firm collaboration and experimentation part of your business-as-usual.
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How we help law firms build more agile, innovative cultures:

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Adam Billing
Duncan Brannan
Nathan Waterhouse
El Tong
Steve Baker

Interested in discussing how your law firm can use design thinking to drive change?

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richard Susskind

"It’s increasingly important for lawyers to be familiar with Design Thinking. At a minimum this is so they can speak the same language as their clients, many of whom are using Design Thinking at senior levels, but even more importantly because so many of the elements of Design Thinking are helpful in enhancing client relationships as well as developing innovative solutions to new client challenges."

— Julia E. Robinson, Senior Manager of Professional Development and Training, Ropes & Gray

Thought leadership

Why lawyers make great designers. No, really.

In an increasingly competitive market, subject to multiple pressures from evermore demanding clients, advancements in technology, and more businesses offering legal services, law firms have to do something to make them stand out from the crowd.

Why law firms need design thinking now more than ever

Every article about law firms and innovation starts in the same way. They talk about the pressures the profession is facing...

Building a Culture of Innovation in Legal Services

What does innovation look like for a traditional industry such as law? "Building a Culture of Innovation in Legal Services" (Ark Publishing 7/2015...

How global law firm DLA Piper is using design thinking to transform the business (Page 18)

“If our clients don’t want something, it doesn’t matter how excellent or radical it appears. It’s just not going to work.”
Jana Blount, change maker, DLA Piper

Slaughter and May - The Lens: Design thinking - listen to your user... but not too much!

In a legal context, design thinking can be applied to challenges being faced within a law firm, or by clients within their organisations.

SRoundtable: GCs draw their nightmares

Over the past six months, an incessant stream of worries has troubled the minds of in-house counsels across the world...

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How DLA Piper is transforming its culture to deliver greater impact for clients

Like many industries, the legal sector is facing a variety of disruptive challenges - from digital transformation to ever changing client expectations.

Global law firm DLA Piper - now Law.com International’s Law Firm of The Year 2020 - saw an opportunity not only to address these challenges head on, but to capitalise on them to build stronger and more innovative client relationships. The result is an organization-wide Radical Change programme.

The programme is designed to fundamentally change the way the firm operates and enable it to better meet client needs by embedding new mindsets and ways of working, embracing new technologies, and developing and expanding its services.

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We were delighted to partner with DLA Piper to deliver one of the key strands of their Radical Change programme; Design Thinking. But it was clear from the outset that some ‘off the peg’ design thinking training was not going to deliver the radical change DLA Piper was looking for.

Working as a joint team, we agreed a brief to develop a framework, tools, training and support programme that resonated with lawyers and legal support staff, in order to drive change centred around what clients really want.

This ongoing project has led to a whole host of positive results for DLA Piper, including new client relationships, genuine co-creation between lawyers and their clients, and a shift in mindset amongst internal teams.


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