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Artificial Intelligence training

Explore AI growth opportunities for your business

In an era of hype, it’s difficult to filter the signal through the noise. The Artificial Intelligence Opportunity Mapping workshop is the only experience for human-centered leaders to explore AI’s accelerating potential through the lens of real human and business needs.

Leaders will co-create a heatmap of the highest value opportunities to start applying AI in the organization and have a more fluent understanding of AI’s applications.

AI Opportunity Mapping Sprint

  ½ to 1 day

  5 – 50 participants / All modalities (remote, hybrid, in-person)

Delivered by an expert facilitator, this two-part experience is for human-centered organisations facing challenges aligning the disproportionate potential of AI with real human needs.

Part I - Solving the Right Problem

  • Apply design thinking tools to identify emerging needs and opportunities
  • Use AI tools to accelerate the innovation process
  • Brainstorm, prioritise and heatmap the highest value opportunities for AI in the organisation

Part II - Building the Right Solution

  • Match customer needs with the possibilities of technology
  • Brainstorm and prototype new product or service ideas informed by AI technology
  • Heatmap the highest value opportunities for customer outcome

This workshop enables your leaders to:

  • Quickly understand AI’s realistic potential and draw upon examples
  • Apply human-centered design techniques to ensure they are solving the right problems
  • Match real customer needs with the possibilities of technology

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