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Design thinking training that produces measurable impact

Design thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation used by some of the world’s most consistently innovative companies, including Google, Procter & Gamble, IDEO, Apple and many others.

Treehouse offers a comprehensive set of custom and ready-to-run design and innovation training experiences that unlock the innovative potential of your people and make organizations more agile and responsive to change.

When design thinking capabilities take root in the form of new habits and reflexes, the people in your organization are able to:

  • Connect more deeply with customers
  • Identify emerging needs and opportunities before competitors
  • Rapidly develop new solutions that people will really value
  • Test new ideas quickly in order to learn and succeed sooner
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Journey to mastery

Like any new skill, innovation can be learned and mastered with the right guidance, support and practice. Our innovation training programs offer different levels and depth of support depending on the strategic aims and specific needs of stakeholder groups in your organization.

Raise Awareness

I want to introduce people to the basics of human-centred thinking in a fast, engaging way.

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Build Capability

I want to equip people with a practical, innovative tool set they can apply in everyday work

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Tackle Real Challenges

I want to give teams a learning-by-doing experience that addresses a real strategic challenge

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Scale and Embed

I’m ready to roll out human-centred design skills and mindsets organization-wide.

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Short introductory experiences Raise Design Awareness

Making your people aware of what human-centred design is, why it matters, and how it supports the long-term success of a business is critical for building momentum and buy-in for new ways of working. We deliver impactful, custom introductory design and innovation training that enables your people to experience the power of design and lay the groundwork for further development.

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Award winning simulations from our partners at ExperiencePoint + IDEO

For over a decade, Treehouse has partnered with ExperiencePoint + IDEO to deliver world-class innovation training to clients all over the world. ExperienceInnovation ‘Aware’ and ‘Learn’ are tech-enabled, ready-to-run simulation workshops that be integrated into any Treehouse custom training program, and are available both in-person and remotely.

Experience Point Aware

ExperienceInnovation | Aware

ExperienceInnovationTM | Aware is ideal for raising your people and organization’s awareness of human-centered thinking as an approach to problem-solving and innovation.

Who: Anyone — regardless of their level, function or industry - interested in experiencing the fundamental habits and mindsets of design.

Duration: 90 mins

Delivery Mode: In-person or virtual

Participants: Up to 5000

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ExperienceInnovation Aware

ExperienceInnovation Aware Virtual

Experience Point Learn

ExperienceInnovation | Learn

ExperienceInnovationTM | Learn, built in collaboration with celebrated design consultancy IDEO, is an expert-guided workshop that enables your people to build innovation confidence and competence.

Who: Any team or cross-functional group can benefit from experiencing a human-centred design project from beginning to end.

Duration: 4 hours

Delivery Mode: In-person or virtual

Participants: Up to 200

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ExperienceInnovation Learn

ExperienceInnovation Learn
Virtual Overview

Design training and workshops that build lasting competence and confidence Build Design Capability

When people in an organization have the skills and confidence to apply the tools and mindsets of design in everyday work, great things can happen. Customers take their place at the center of new strategies and business models, more of your people are empowered to contribute their diverse ideas to the innovation process, and time and money are saved by testing assumptions early and experimenting your way towards solutions that customers really value.

All of our design and innovation training programs are tailored to your business needs, and can be delivered as either 1-3 day ‘immersion’ experiences or in shorter, modularized trainings. In addition, all participants are provided with post-training access to the Sprintbase™ remote innovation platform with built-in tools, tips and guidance to support immediate on-the-job application with remote teams.

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Design Thinking Immersion

Design Thinking Immersion

A comprehensive crash-course in the design thinking approach to innovation. Teams learn essential tools of human-centred design – like user observation, forming insights, rapid prototyping and experimentation – and apply them in their own business.

Duration: 1-3 days

Who: Any role, level or background.

Prerequisite: None

Delivery Mode: Remote, In-person, or hybrid

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Design Thinking Skill Builder

Sector-Specific Innovation Training

While the process, tools and mindsets of design are universal, the way they are applied and the kinds of challenges they are used to address can vary across industries.

Treehouse has developed a series of sector-specific design thinking training workshops that enable your people to learn and apply the fundamentals of design in their relevant context using industry-specific cases, content, tools and scenarios.

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Design Thinking Modular Training

Modular Design "Skill-Builder” Workshops

A series of short, high-impact skill building workshops targeted at specific human-centred design competencies. These focussed workshops can be delivered individually, or together as part of a multi-module programme.

Module 1: Customer Empathy and Insights
Module 2: Opportunity and Problem Framing
Module 3: Ideation & Lateral Thinking
Module 4: Prototyping and Experimentation

Duration: 2-3 hours

Who: Any role, level or background.

Prerequisite: None

Delivery Mode: Remote, In-person, or hybrid

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Remote impact - during and after the workshop.

Sprintbase - the remote innovation design thinking platform

Back in 2018, we recognised that people needed more support applying design thinking after a training workshop - and that they’d often be doing this work with remote teams.

So, we created Sprintbase™, a virtual innovation platform packed with tools, tips and step-by-step guidance to help newly-trained teams make an immediate impact back on the job.

Since then, our team has facilitated countless, highly successful remote workshops, and Sprintbase is now trusted by leading organizations including Novartis, NBCUniversal, AstraZeneca, Deloitte and many others.

Project-based, Action Learning Programmes that produce tangible results Tackle Real Challenges

The best way to learn design thinking is by doing it. Treehouse Innovation’s action-learning experiences guide your people step-by-step through real innovation projects, enabling them to apply the process, tools and mindsets of design to a real challenge.

Supported by mix of live teaching and facilitation, individual working and expert coaching, teams emerge with increased confidence, deep creative problem-solving capability as well as fresh thinking and prototype solutions for a real challenge.

All programs are tailored to you business objectives, and are typically delivered over a short “Solution Sprint” or longer “Action Learning Project”:

Action Learning Projects

Solution Sprint

An intensive learning-by-doing experience that enables people to simultaneously learn new design and innovation skills and immediately apply them to a solving a real challenge. A Solution Sprint can be used as a stand-alone experiential training or to kick off of a longer innovation initiative.

Duration: 3-4 X 2 hr workshops over 1-3 weeks + 1 hr of individual work per week

Action Learning Project

Dive deep into a strategic challenge with the support of a expert coach. Action learning programmes can be run on a stand-alone basis or as part of an executive education or leadership development programme and are highly tailored to specific organizational and development objectives.

Duration: 4-7 X 2 hr workshops over 6-12 weeks + 2 hours of individual work per week

Who: Any role, level or background. Private programme for single organizations. Participants can be intact teams or learning cohorts drawn from across functions.

Prerequisite: Basic design thinking awareness

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The case for building internal capability

As the rate of technological change and evolving customer needs continues to accelerate, organizations of all sizes are under increasing pressure to continuously innovate in order to ensure their continued relevance. To deal with this, many companies opt to bring in external consultants to lead innovation projects. While these projects can lead to new products and services that do make a market impact, they are typically very expensive, and often do little in the way of equipping the organization to respond to the next challenge or opportunity that comes down the pike.

The world’s most successful organizations understand that the only way to ensure their next wave of growth (as well as the one after that) is to build real innovation capability within their people. This means equipping them with a new set of tools, mindsets and behaviors that enable them to identify emerging needs and quickly respond with innovative new solutions that have value - and doing this as part of business as usual.

Companies around the world are using human-centred design to outperform competitors by a whopping


* Ref: Statistics by DMI.org

Large-scale rollout of design thinking + Train-the-trainer Scale and Embed

The greatest potential for meaningful, measurable impact from design comes when these innovative ways of working take root in organizational culture in the form of new habits and reflexes. Organizations become intrinsically more customer focussed, creative, and ready to respond to unexpected changes with solutions that customers will value.

And research shows us how these changes consistently result in bottom-line impact, with design-driven organizations outperforming industry competitors by 2:1. Read more from McKinsey & Co: The Business Value of Design

Having helped many leading organizations transform their culture and make these new mindsets and ways of working BAU, we’ve learned that creating broad awareness as well as pockets of deeper capability across diverse teams is central to success. Here are a few of the ways we achieve this:

Scale and Embed Design Thinking

ExperienceInnovation™ Workshop
Train the Trainer

These ready-to-run workshops are a great way to equip your internal facilitators with a proven, scalable approach for building design capability across the organization. This TTT takes place over 3 days and can be delivered in person or virtually.

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Facilitator Training
Remote Design Sprint Essentials:

Level-up your internal remote design workshop and sprint facilitation skills. You’ll learn how to plan, prepare for and deliver great virtual experiences as well as leverage the Sprintbase™ remote innovation platform to its full potential. You also receive a full set of facilitation materials that you can use right away or adapt to create your own tailored virtual workshops, sprints and projects. This course is comprised of 3X2hr workshops + 2 hours of independent work.

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Custom Workshop
Train the Trainer

Treehouse can train your internal facilitators to deliver workshops, sprints and other trainings that have been custom designed for your organization. Includes all custom materials, facilitation guides, tools and ongoing coaching support.

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Transform Learning new process skills and mindsets is an essential component of embedding new ways of working in your culture.

For more information on the other drivers of cultural transformation and our approach for helping our clients achieve it, have a look here.

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