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Learn what it takes to foster and lead a culture of innovation in your organization.

Innovation leadership training

Create the conditions for your people to achieve greatness

Great innovation leaders know how to create the conditions for their people to experiment, take responsible risks, and bring their full creative potential to strategic and everyday challenges.

Effective leaders of innovative cultures know how to:

  • Recognise, model and reward the right behaviours, especially when they represent a departure from the status quo
  • Create opportunities for your people to apply these new approaches, as well a safe space that supports responsible experimentation
  • Communicate how the tools and mindsets of design thinking can help create better outcomes for your clients, the business, and your people

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Leading Innovation

  ½ day - 1.5 days

  8 – 20 participants

Leading innovation is an expert-led, highly customized leadership development program designed to help senior managers, C-level executives, and Boards understand what it takes to foster and lead innovation in their organizations.

All of our programs are custom designed to align to your culture, strategy and unique organizational goals.

Leading Innovation enables your leaders to:

  • Understand the dynamics of innovation and how it can create competitive advantage
  • Learn how to create a safe environment for responsible risk taking and creativity
  • Practice the habits and leadership styles that lead to more innovative and collaborative cultures

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