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Learn the Why, What, and How of innovation strategy and disruptive innovation.

Innovation Strategy

Change is the only constant. Learn how to grow through it.

Disruptive innovation is happening in every industry, everyday.

To keep growing in such a fast moving and competitive market, businesses have to be able to anticipate change and innovate before their customers go elsewhere.

We can help you do just that. Through our innovation strategy workshops we:

  • Show you to what innovation strategy is and how it can help your business grow through change
  • Teach you the nuances of disruptive innovation as well as tactics to help you better anticipate and prepare your organization for disruptive innovation
  • Prepare your teams and leaders for the rapidly changing markets you work in using engaging case studies and workshop exercises

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Innovation Strategy

  1 day workshop

  50 participants

The innovation strategy session is for teams, emerging and established leaders and anyone that wants to sharpen their understanding of innovation strategy and disruptive innovation.

The experience is highly interactive with original case studies and stories to bring the concepts to life.

This workshop will enable you to gain and learn:

  • Solid understanding of disruptive innovation
  • The foundation of innovation strategy
  • The tactics of how to prepare their organisation for rapidly changing markets

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The Innovation Strategy Workshop features the InnoPriorities game

The first step in driving innovation is getting leadership aligned around the direction of travel.

The Innovation Priorities game is a fun engaging experience that uses proven case studies to help leaders make decisions. Gain insights from the whole team around where the business is strong now, where it needs more development, and reach alignment as a team on what are the top priorities to accelerate innovation going forwards to align with your business goals.

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Innovation priorities

Receive and share your Certificate and Badge

After completing the course, you will receive your well earnt Innovation Strategy certificate of achievement and badge via email as a downloadable PDF.

Treehouse uses Accredible credential platform to verify your certification. Each certificate and badge is set up to be uploaded and shared on LinkedIn or other social media. You can also add your achievement to your LinkedIn profile!

THI Certificate & Badge
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Treehouse Innovation


Solve complex problems and design new products, services and strategies that make a measurable difference

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Transform Business and Culture

We journey alongside our clients in their voyage to create innovative new business models, strategies and future-fit cultures that drive sustainable growth

Design New Solutions

We join forces with your teams to solve complex challenges and create the products, services and internal solutions that create sustainable competitive advantage

Engage & Align Stakeholders

We help you bring together your most critical stakeholders to co-create and align around new strategies, solutions and plans of action

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Treehouse Innovation


Learning programs that teach teams to thrive in times of change

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Design Thinking

Empower your people to be more customer-focused, collaborative, and innovative in their everyday work

Innovation Leadership

Enable your leaders to create the conditions for innovation to flourish

Facilitation Training

Design for more human-centred thinking and effective sales.

Innovation Strategy

Understand the levers available to business leaders when seeking to drive profitable innovation

Leading Change

Equip your people to effectively respond and adapt in a rapidly changing environment

Client-Centred Innovation

Empower sales teams to connect more deeply with customers and dramatically improve performance

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to harness the power of AI in your business to drive innovation

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Treehouse Innovation


Solve complex problems and design new products, services and strategies that make a measurable difference

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Innovation Impact: Skills

Understand the strengths and opportunities to develop innovative capabilities at the individual, team and organizational level.
(Individual, Team, or Organizational profile)

Innovation Impact: ROI

Measure the ROI of innovation and design thinking practice on real business outcomes in your organization.
(Project ROI, Organizational Outcomes )

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Digital tools to help teams continuously innovate

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A powerful innovation platform containing all of the Treehouse tools and methods along with built in structure and guidance to help newly trained teams make an immediate impact

Innovation Priorities

An interactive card game and virtual tool for engaging senior leaders in setting innovation strategy for their organization