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As emerging technologies like generative AI continue to evolve at an incredible rate, so do customer needs and expectations. This makes it more important than ever for businesses to stay close to customers and invest in innovations that will set them apart.

The world’s most successful businesses excel at consistently doing the following:

  • Making sure they’re solving the right problems, not just chasing sexy new technologies.
  • Using the right AI tools and tech to develop new solutions that people will really value.
  • Aligning their teams around new ways of working, and making it easy for customers to adopt AI-enabled solutions.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re partnering with to help organisations do this. is a venture consultancy based in Bristol, specialising in ethical and effective AI adoption strategies, which has helped numerous clients navigate the fast-moving AI sector. The business offers training and education through seminars and workshops, and the opportunity to build products for rapid testing in its PoC factory.

At Treehouse, we bring together human-centred design and emerging technologies to enable our clients to accelerate their growth and transform their businesses. As a leading innovation consultancy, based in London, we work with organisations around the world to help them invent new products and services, and build fearless, change-ready teams and cultures.

Bringing Treehouse’s and’s expertise together will enable clients to fast-track innovation for their businesses.

Together we will use our expert understanding of human-centred design and the AI landscape to help businesses identify opportunities to grow with AI, build and test prototype AI products in live environments, and then adopt solutions in a manner that ensures maximum impact and minimum risk. We will also use generative AI throughout the innovation process, including intelligent tools to aid ideation, design, and business planning.

Adam Billing

“AI is understandably causing a lot of business leaders a great deal of anxiety as they try to figure out what it means for their organisations, and how they should use it to keep up with their customers’ ever-changing needs and expectations. I’m really excited about this partnership with Mark and his fantastic team, as it will give clients everything they need to navigate the world of AI confidently and successfully.”

Adam Billing, CEO and Founder, Treehouse Innovation

Mark Riley

“I am delighted to be able to collaborate with Adam and his team on future projects and look forward to sharing our learnings about AI with his partners and clients. Likewise, our clients will benefit hugely from their thoughtful and effective approach to innovation. We share exactly the same methodologies when it comes to innovation and business transformation, and look forward to adding AI to their long list of skills and expertise “

Mark Riley, CEO/Founder,

What leaders should do before they invest in AI

Watch this clip to hear Adam and Mark’s advice for leaders thinking about investing in AI. You can watch their full conversation where they discuss how AI has changed the human-centred design process, the vital importance of experimentation in a world of fast-evolving technology, and more here.

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