Sandvik Coromant’s Journey Towards a Shared Future Vision

In the face of significant industry shifts, Sandvik Coromant, a global leader in the metal cutting sector, identified a crucial need for strategic realignment. Their Offer Management and Research & Development (OM R&D) teams needed to be more deeply connected with the company’s long-term goals. To achieve this, Sandvik Coromant partnered with us for a transformative initiative designed to align and engage its employees with its strategy.

Setting Strategic Objectives

Sandvik Coromant’s initiative aimed to bridge the gap between its workforce and its strategic vision. The goal was to create a unifying ‘Future State for 2030’ that resonated with every member of the OM R&D team, aligning them around a common vision and motivating them to work together to realise it.

Research and Strategic Insights

The project began with comprehensive research, delving into employees’ and customers’ perspectives on the business. This strategic exploration gathered insights which are crucial for informed decision-making and future planning. The findings from this phase were not just data points, but strategic insights that shaped the initiative’s direction.

Strategic Forum for Vision Creation

During a meticulously planned one-and-a-half-day event, the OM R&D leadership came together in Sweden to co-develop their ‘Future State for 2030’. This gathering was more than an event; it was a strategic forum designed to foster collaboration, strategic thinking, and vision alignment. Through various thoughtfully curated activities, the leaders immersed themselves in the insights gathered, using them to shape a collective vision of the future.

Outcome: A Unified Strategic Vision

The event had a powerful impact – the leaders left united and aligned, with a clear shared understanding of the ‘Future State for 2030’. This shared vision marked the beginning of an ongoing dialogue about how the business will work together to achieve its aims.

Conclusion: Advancing Strategically

The initiative marked a significant milestone in Sandvik Coromant’s strategic journey. It was not just an exercise in engagement but a pivotal moment of strategic advancement. The leaders returned to their roles, energised and equipped to drive the collective vision forward, embedding the newly formed strategic insights into their daily operations.

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