Staying Ahead In The World Of Consultancy

A leading global consultancy wanted to use the Innovation Impact Assessment to gather data on its innovation hub team to optimize the team to its full potential.

The team already consisted of an ensemble of seasoned design thinkers, but the hope was that the assessment would provide insights to help them further improve as innovators. Through the assessment, the team learned about how they could improve as a unit, gaining insight on how to tap into the diversity of strengths within the team.

After the assessment, the team participated in an Innovation Impact Activation Workshop. The workshop expanded on the information provided by the assessment report, connecting those findings to business activities and opportunities. During the workshop, participants designed team development plans, setting clear and attainable goals for improvement.

The assessment provided the consultancy with the data they needed to improve team efficacy and embrace small but meaningful changes in behaviour that will improve their already highly successful innovation efforts.