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We help organizations to innovate, change and grow. Partner with us to invent new products and services, and build fearless, change-ready teams and cultures.

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Where will your next wave of growth come from?

In truly innovative cultures, people have developed the instincts to spot coming changes, customer needs and emerging technologies. They possess the right tools to respond quickly with inventive solutions that actually get implemented.

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Jeanne Liedtka

Assessments Amplify and measure your impact

Treehouse has recently launched a suite of research based innovation assessments in partnership with Prof Jeanne Liedtka from the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, along with her co-authors Karen Hold and Jessica Eldridge.

The Innovation Impact TM SKILLS, and ROI assessments enable us to assess both individual and team competencies for innovation and measure the tangible ROI of innovation projects and development initiatives.

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If you can spare the time for a 30 min ZOOM call, a member of our senior team would be happy to discuss your aspirations and challenges, and explain how we can help.

Let's talk

If you can spare the time for a 30 min ZOOM call, a member of our senior team would be happy to discuss your aspirations and challenges, and explain how we can help.

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Treehouse Innovation


Solve complex problems and design new products, services and strategies that make a measurable difference

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Transform Business and Culture

We journey alongside our clients in their voyage to create innovative new business models, strategies and future-fit cultures that drive sustainable growth

Design New Solutions

We join forces with your teams to solve complex challenges and create the products, services and internal solutions that create sustainable competitive advantage

Engage & Align Stakeholders

We help you bring together your most critical stakeholders to co-create and align around new strategies, solutions and plans of action

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Treehouse Innovation


Learning programs that teach teams to thrive in times of change

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Design Thinking

Empower your people to be more customer-focused, collaborative, and innovative in their everyday work

Innovation Leadership

Enable your leaders to create the conditions for innovation to flourish

Facilitation Training

Design for more human-centred thinking and effective sales.

Innovation Strategy

Understand the levers available to business leaders when seeking to drive profitable innovation

Leading Change

Equip your people to effectively respond and adapt in a rapidly changing environment

Client-Centred Thinking

Empower sales teams to connect more deeply with customers and dramatically improve performance

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to harness the power of AI in your business to drive innovation

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Treehouse Innovation


Measure and understand individual, team and organisational innovation capabilities and impact

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Innovation Impact: Skills

Understand the strengths and opportunities to develop innovative capabilities at the individual, team and organizational level.
(Individual, Team, or Organizational profile)

Innovation Impact: ROI

Measure the ROI of innovation and design thinking practice on real business outcomes in your organization.
(Project ROI, Organizational Outcomes )

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Treehouse Innovation


Digital tools to help teams continuously innovate

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A powerful innovation platform containing all of the Treehouse tools and methods along with built in structure and guidance to help newly trained teams make an immediate impact

Innovation Priorities

An interactive card game and virtual tool for engaging senior leaders in setting innovation strategy for their organization