IMI: Engaging leaders with the future of diabetes care


We were delighted to be part of an event to explore the future of diabetes care, using design thinking.

Hosted by the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI), a group of the world’s leading experts on diabetes and metabolic disorders came together on the Island of Mainau in early 2017 with a very important purpose: to explore the 10-15 year future of the field, and identify the key challenges and opportunities that might arise.

Participants came from pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, patient advocacy groups, hospitals, high-tech and big data firms, and other related specialisms.

Supported by Treehouse Innovation and ExperiencePoint, individuals from across these domains worked together to envision possible futures and prioritize areas where greater collaboration could enable better outcomes for patients and their families in the future.

Output included consensus around key challenges, top priorities and an agreed plan of action.