The most successful organisations are those that excel in both generating innovative new solutions as well as managing the change required to get buy-in and acceptance for those solutions.

Equipping people with a proven process and model for leading change enables them to ensure their best ideas not only see the light of day, but actually go on to be successfully implemented and create real business impact.


ExperienceChange™ Simulation

6-8hr workshop / 12 – 250 participants 

ExperienceChange™ is an expert-guided experience that teaches both the “what to do” and “how to be” of successful change. Backed by more than 20 years of research, industry insights and results, it combines proven change management methods with hands-on practice in an engaging, low-risk simulation experience.

From stakeholder analysis through to planning and implementation, the simulation delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop.

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Knowing how to grow means knowing how to change

We provide experiential learning and advisory support to enable you to:

  • Bring your most innovative ideas to fruition
  • Gain buy-in and acceptance for new solutions in your organisation
  • Engage and align key stakeholders
  • Plan and implement effective change strategy and tactics
  • Navigate complexity with greater confidence and consistency

Need help with a big change challenge?

We can help you cut through the complexity and plan a clear course for successful change that the whole organisation can get behind.

Our team partners with the change experts at Cambridge University to provide custom-tailored support to help you tackle your most difficult challenges. 

Change consulting support is provided through:

Consulting engagements range from several days to multiple months.  Get in touch today to discuss your challenge. 

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Leadership Development: Partnering with Top Universities

We partner with some of the world's leading universities including Cambridge, Georgia Tech, Imperial College, Rice University and others. We have a long-standing partnership with the Møller Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge where we work closely with the Executive Education group as well as the MPSFG, which specialises in leadership within professional service firms.  Treehouse can help you make your next leadership development programme extraordinary. 

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Examples of what we’ve helped our clients accomplish:

Defining the 18-month strategy for the leadership team at Metro
Rapid prototyping of new care delivery models for a leading US-based healthcare company
Exploring new water desalination approaches with a major international energy company
Designing an Innovation Ecosystem with a large international law firm
Designing a global approach for learning and development with country leaders at a global software company
New product development for one of the UK’s largest fresh produce marketing and distribution companies