ExperienceInnovation™ - “Four hours that could change your life!” 

- Alison Drewell, VP Retail, VF Corporation


Developed by our partners IDEO and ExperiencePoint, ExperienceInnovation™ is an Edison Award-winning, 1/2 day learning experience that introduces teams (from 12-250) to the tools, techniques and mindsets of design thinking. 

Teams work together on a realistic design challenge, experiencing each phase of the design thinking process using a technology-enabled, gamified simulation platform.

Duration: ½ day (as part of a Design Thinking JumpStart or stand-alone experience)


What to expect:

Expect a challenge  - design thinking is hard work! Expect to feel like you don’t have enough time – ExperienceInnovation™ compresses the 16 weeks it takes for a typical design project into a four-hour learning experience. Expect to have fun. 
ExperienceInnovation™ is a friendly competition, making for a very energising four hours and a great way to start your journey.


Simulation Outcomes:

Participants will leave with a clear understanding of what design thinkingis, how it creates value for organisations and users, and some first-hand experience practicing some of the tools of design. Specifically, they will be better able to:

  • Apply the fundamental principles of design thinking
  • Work collaboratively with teams
  • Recognise the good ideas of others, even if it means letting go of their own
  • Frame challenges and opportunities
  • Translate user observation data into valuable insights
  • Confidently apply creative tools such as brainstorming
  • Use story-boarding and visualisation as a tool for rapid prototyping
  • Design quick, low-risk, low-cost experiments to test critical elements of early stage ideas


    Who is this for?

    The ExperienceInnovation™ simulation is suitable for any role or background.  No prior design thinking or innovation knowledge required.  It is an ideal way to bring a technology enabled, gamified element to a Design Thinking JumpStart or as as a stand-alone experience.


    What’s next:

    Following the ExperienceInnovation​™ Simulation…

    • ExperienceInnovation​ Train-The-Trainer - ExperienceInnovation™ is a powerful tool for cascading design thinking throughout the entire organisation. Treehouse is proud to be master-certified by IDEO and ExperiencePoint to deliver Train-The-Trainer sessions – enabling companies to build the internal capabilities to equip all of their people with a common process and shared language for innovation. Contact us to learn more.
    • Take a deeper dive into the design thinking toolkit with Treehouse Innovation's Design Thinking Master Classes.