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We understand what it takes to make innovation happen in large organisations. We’ve done it - and we’re here to help.

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You might feel like nobody understands how much pressure you’re under as an innovation leader. But we do.

It’s up to you to find new, innovative ways to grow your business, despite minimal time and resources. With such a massive job to do and such high expectations to meet, your job can often feel lonely and isolating. But don’t worry, you’re not on your own. We get it, and we’re here to help.

How we help in-house innovators

Increasing and measuring ROI

Increasing and measuring ROI

Upskilling the team

Upskilling the team

Back bench of expert resources

Back bench of expert resources

Advisory / Leader coaching

Advisory / Leader coaching

Why partner with Treehouse?

We’ve worked with in-house heads of innovation at some of the world’s leading businesses, including Sky, DLA Piper, and West Coast University. Not only that but before joining Treehouse, some of our leaders led internal innovation teams themselves - so we really do know what you’re up against.

We can be your trusted allies and silent partners. We happily work alongside in-house teams, often behind the scenes. We’re here to help you shine in your role, and deliver fantastic results that lead you and your business to success.

Create a high impact innovation function with the Treehouse In-house Innovation Canvas


We’ve learnt so much from our work with innovation leaders across sectors about what they need in order to run highly effective functions that drive growth for their businesses.

Innovation teams come in all shapes and sizes, and they have several different purposes. But regardless of their structure and focus, the most successful teams we’ve seen have all had clarity and alignment around their goals.

So to help in-house innovation teams get clear on their goals and then work through all the elements they need to make them happen - from resources, to governance, to communications, ROI measures, and more - we’ve created the Treehouse In-house Innovation Canvas.

Watch the video to see Treehouse Founder Adam Billing explain more.

Case studies Check out some of the incredible projects we’ve worked on with innovation leaders around the world

DLA Piper
Culture transformation to deliver greater impact

Global law firm DLA Piper saw an opportunity not only to address these challenges head on, but to capitalise on them to build stronger and more innovative client relationships. The result is an organization-wide Radical Change programme.

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Sky Labs
Creating fantastic facilitators

Sky is committed to innovation. Operating in such a competitive and fast-moving market means it’s vital that the business can not only anticipate, but set industry trends. We’ve been working with Sky to rollout the […]

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West coast University
Designing the future of education

Healthcare in the spotlight West Coast University helps prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals for the world of work. Never has the importance of a well-populated, highly skilled healthcare workforce been more in the […]

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If you can spare the time for a 30 min ZOOM call, a member of our senior team would be happy to discuss your aspirations and challenges, and explain how we can help.

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If you can spare the time for a 30 min ZOOM call, a member of our senior team would be happy to discuss your aspirations and challenges, and explain how we can help.

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