Accenture: Amplifying innovation impact


We were delighted to work with global consulting firm Accenture to help one of its innovation teams – The Accenture Canada Innovation Hub – amplify its impact.

The Innovation Impact: Skills Assessment is an easy way for teams and individuals to understand how well equipped they are to work within an environment of constant technological, social, and economic change.

The assessment, created in partnership with Professor Jeanne Liedtka and her co-authors, enables teams in businesses of all shapes and sizes to measure the impact they’re making with innovation, and what they could do to improve.

Upon completion of the assessment, teams are directed to a personalised dashboard where they can explore their results. Here they will see which skills and behaviours are most present within their team, and where they can focus their efforts to further enhance their effectiveness.

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Here’s how Accenture used the assessment

By going through the Innovation Impact Assessment, followed by an Activation Workshop, this group gained greater insight into team strengths for upcoming client projects, a faster, more thorough understanding of who they could rely upon for what, and actionable development plans for individuals for the coming year.

The Accenture Canada Innovation Hub – which is a team of 35 people – took the Innovation Impact Assessment because they wanted to understand their individual and collective strengths and opportunities for growth.

We explored their results together in the Activation Workshop, to understand the diversity of strengths within the group and opportunities for them to work even more effectively as innovators. 

This exercise allowed the group to develop greater self awareness and a better understanding of one another. Doing so will help them to improve the impact they can make by leveraging their diversity and following an actionable development plan.

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