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How we think about culture & workforce transformation

After decades of combined experience working with the world’s leading public, private and non-profit organizations, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to create and sustain an agile, design driven culture. While no model can ever capture all of the nuance and complexity of organizational culture, our team has consistently found that there are three central components that need to be aligned.

Transform your organization

Engaged leadership

For new ways of working like agile and design thinking to make a true impact in your organization, your leaders need to truly understand them and see their value, otherwise your team won’t feel confident to take risks and put their best ideas forward. So we work with you from the start to get everybody on board.

Awareness and capability

We work with you to identify, develop and support your internal champions as well as get the broader organization up to speed with the tools and mindsets they need to play their part in enabling transformation to take root.

Real work application

It’s vital that your team start start seeing the impact of new tools and methods quickly, to help maintain momentum and buy-in. So we work with you to keep demonstrating the impact your people are making in the form of quantitative metrics and qualitative stories of how strategic challenges as well as everyday work are tackled to yield better, more innovative outcomes.

Embed new habits and ways of working into the DNA of your organization

We work with your leaders, key stakeholders and internal champions to design and implement a comprehensive program for scaling the adoption of design thinking. Our approach is based on embedding practical behaviors and mindsets, capturing and sharing evidence of impact, and helping your internal teams quickly achieve self sufficiency.

Understand your organization

Using live workshops, diagnostic tools and existing internal assessment data, we identify opportunities create a benchmark against which to measure success

Identify and support your champions

Finding those people in your business with a passion for innovation and change, and enlisting them as key champions to drive and sustain the initiative.

Co-Design your bespoke program

Working with senior leaders and key stakeholders from across the business to define the goals, activities, infrastructure and sponsorship.

Application and Awareness Training

Building widespread awareness and internal capability around the essential tools, methods and mindsets that will support new ways of thinking and working.

Partner on projects

Identify a set of strategic challenges that our team can tackle jointly with yours - producing quick wins and early success stories to build momentum.

Scale up

Transfer capability more fully to your people through train-the-trainer programs and coaching support for champions as they lead the charge to create impact at scale throughout the organization.

Ongoing: Momentum & Comms

Distraction, unclear evidence of impact and general change fatigue can all cause even the best-planned transformation initiatives to lose steam.

To keep the momentum building and commitment levels high, consistent communication of senior support, visibility of new behaviors in action, and tangible evidence of measurable impact are required.

Specific practices we partner with internal teams to establish and maintain include:

  • Internal Story Capture and Communication
  • Impact measurement - quantitative and qualitative
  • Goal setting with initiative OKRs (objectives and key results)
  • Executive Dashboard progress reports
  • Ongoing Key Stakeholder Engagement

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