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Are you part of an organisation or team wanting to deepen your understanding of key innovation mindsets and methodologies in order to become more change-ready, customer-centred and impactful? Then the Experiencing Design Sprint is for you*.

During this 1-to-3 week project experience you’ll work in teams to solve a real problem your business is facing whilst building your design thinking skills and identifying how each individual can close the gaps and level up in key design competencies.

Experiencing design workshop

Join an immersive innovation journey

Following each of the steps in the design journey set out in Experiencing Design: The Innovator’s Journey you’ll go through an entire sprint and walk away with prototypes for solutions to a real business challenge, and clear measures of your team’s design capabilities and what you can do to further develop them.

We are currently finalising a series of open virtual design sprints that will bring people from across industries and geographies together to tackle a meaningful social innovation challenge as well as deepen their own practice of design. Please sign up here to express your interest and receive upcoming announcements. Places will be limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

Experiencing design workshop

Interested in running an Experiencing Design Sprint for your team?

Let's talk about how we can partner with you to solve your next strategic challenge

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* New to design but interested in running this kind of sprint? We recommend doing a design thinking awareness workshop first

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Want to Learn More?

2 hour live workshop

Deepening your design thinking practice

An experiential first step to understanding the competencies and mindsets that drive transformative change

  • Understand areas of growth with the Minimum Viable Competency pre-assessment
  • Explore proven competencies required to make transformative impact with design (MVCs)
  • Deep dive into greatest opportunities for personal development

Diagnostic Tool

Want to assess your design competency?

30 minute online test

The Minimum Viable Competency (MVC) Assessment

  • A tool developed from the finding's of Jeanne's book, Experiencing Design: The Innovator's Journey
  • The Minimum Viable Competencies (MVCs) are derived from the obstacles examined and the mind shift needed to achieve real, transformational impact at each phase of the design thinking process
  • Quickly asses how well you demonstrate the competencies shared by great design practitioners, and where your key areas of development lie
  • NOTE: The MVC assessment is included as part of the Workshop and Action Learning Program, but can also be taken independently.

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